Learn how to create a Google Cloud Platform Account

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The beauty of cloud providers is that all them have some kind of incentive to start to use their services. They make things simple to get-start.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) free tier gives you access to all google cloud products. You can use VM Instances, Kubernetes and other cool services, some of them are free forever. New users earn a voucher of $300 valid for 12 months for spending in GCP services. Some services are always free within a limited use that is enough for developers to have fun.

It´s worth take advantage of this incentive and start to learn cool stuff using your own cloud environment. In the video below I show in 1 minute how it’s easy to create a GCP account. During the registration, your credit card information will be requested to verify your identity. You won´t be charged during the free period and google also has a modality where no credit card is required.

Once you have an account, have fun! Explore the services available and test the one you learned in online tutorials. Although you won´t be charged during the free period it’s very important that you create the habit of shut the services down after use it.

Do not forget to see this other post and create a billing alert. This way you will be notified whether a charge occurs.

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