8 tips to get your dream job and also improve your curriculum

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Dream job
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Dream job! Talking with Bruno Souza (the Brazilian Java man) about career, he gave me golden tips on how to get your dream job and also improve your curriculum. Check this out ?

Tip 1#

The best offers is the one where the company knows and trusts you. When this happens, your curriculum does not matter. So keep improving your network and share knowledge as much as you can.

Tip 2#

Create a curriculum is like to create a marketing folder to sell a product. You do not sell a product talking about its features, but about the benefits it brings. Talk about your benefits!

Tip 3#

Tell in your curriculum about what you are good and what you can bring to the company you are applying to.

Tip 4# 

When a company reads your curriculum they are looking for what you can do for them. How can you help them? Show how in your curriculum!

Tip 5# 

Show the transformation you can cause to the people you work.

Tip 6# 

Whether a company will pay 100k/year for a position, it will be 1 Million in 10 years. Why the company should choose you? Show them why.

Tip 7# 

Make your curriculum easy to read. You can, for example, create sessions divided by companies or projects you worked.

Tip 8# 

Look on the position requirements you are applying and add on your curriculum the values you can bring for the company that matches the offer. A directed curriculum is even better than a generic one.

Can you add more tips here? What do you think is important to get your dream job? Drop a comment bellow.

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